Chemical Dependency

Chemical dependency affects the entire family. Our team of professionals works to help participants understand the destructive impact of their choices on their spouses, partners, children and co-workers. Our goal is to teach participants how to overcome addiction and live substance-free.

  • In 2014, over 1,000 individuals came to Families First for help in overcoming dependence on drugs or alcohol
  • Of those who graduated from the program, 96% improved their employment status.

At Families First, we provide a full continuum of substance abuse treatment and support services—from prevention/education programs for individuals experiencing the first signs of a problem, through intensive outpatient programs for those experiencing significant and persistent substance abuse or dependence problems.

Partial support for our services is generously provided by Drug Free Marion County.

Program Types

  • Education and Prevention – Classroom style learning
  • Outpatient Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Treatment – Therapy provided by Certified Addictions Counselors. Service recommendations are based on clients’ needs and goals
  • Relapse Prevention – Follow-up sessions to Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Women’s Trauma and Chemical Dependency – Many women entering addiction treatment have experienced traumatic events like sexual and/or physical abuse. This program ensures both the addiction and the trauma are treated
  • Prescription Drug Abuse – Therapy tailored specifically to the unique characteristics of dependency on prescription drugs

How to Get Started

Call us at 317-634-6341. Our intake counselor will answer any questions you may have regarding therapy. If you are interested in getting started, you will be asked a few brief questions, and will be able to make an initial appointment with a therapist to discuss your concerns.

April decided to return to school full-time when her youngest of two sons reached kindergarten. A month into her new schedule, she found herself exhausted and extremely stressed. A co-worker offered April some prescription pills to help her stay alert. The pills worked, and soon she was taking four a day to get by.

April's family began noticing changes in her mood and health—she was irritable and restless, eating little and losing weight. Concerned, her husband suggested they contact the Prescription Drug Dependency Program at Families First. April enrolled in the program and through group treatment and family counseling, she came to understand her quick path to addiction.

Today, April is free from drug dependency. She now feels confident in her ability to recognize her warning signs of mounting stress, and respond in healthy and effective ways.

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