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A Healthy Family Starts with Healthy Individuals…

The Silent Story

We each have a story. It begins the day we are born. It’s a story shaped by our parents, our families, and the generations before us.

Too often, we fail to recognize the way our story drives our belief system, our behaviors, even our opportunities. After all, we don’t know any other story.

Most chapters of our stories are positive—full of hope and joy. But unfortunately, there are chapters that include hardship and heartache, too. These chapters are our silent story, the story we don’t share with the world.

Everyone has a silent story: your neighbor, your co-worker, your boss, even your children. Our silent stories might include addiction or abuse, financial stress or loneliness, depression or fear.

Many feel helpless to change their silent story. They may not know where to begin, or that change is even possible.

Fortunately, Families First knows that it is.

Nearly 8,000 individuals came through the doors of Families First last year carrying their silent stories – a child coping with the loss of a parent, a single father or mother facing unemployment, a relationship suffering due to an addiction.

Families First can help people from all walks of life to improve their lives, and thus improve the lives of their families.

In 2014…
7,860 individuals and families in Central Indiana were provided counseling, support and education at Families First.
Over 1,000 individuals came to Families First last year for help in overcoming dependence on drugs and alcohol. Of those who graduated from the program, 96% improved their employment status.
57 older and challenged adults were provided counseling, case management, homemaker support and protective care. Despite their vulnerability, 100% were able to remain safely in their home or were successfully transitioned to another appropriate care setting.
More than 1,200 individuals participated in Families First’s Breaking Free program, seeking assistance and protection from abusers.

While many of the families we work with at Families First face similar challenges, we know that every situation is a unique story. At Families First, we have created programs and services to help individuals and families overcome the specific challenges they face.

Our expert therapists have a proven track record for helping individuals and families break from negative behavior cycles that impact the family bond. From Play Therapists to Master’s level Aging Therapists, Families First has staff who specialize in serving each generation of the family. Click any program to learn more about it:

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