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Mr. Bell’s Story | Vistas ™: Services for Older & Challenged Adults

Several years ago, Mr. Bell faced eviction from his small, sparsely furnished apartment, due to its unsanitary condition. Limited by near blindness and age, at the time Mr. Bell had been virtually incapable of recognizing, or rectifying, his deteriorating living circumstance.

“I don’t know what I’d have done if they’d  put me out,” Mr. Bells says. “I don’t have people here; most of my friends have passed away.”  Sadly, without a local support system, Mr. Bell had faced the very real possibility of becoming homeless.

Then Families First entered the picture. As a client of our Vistas eldercare program, Mr. Bell now has a social worker, a care team assistant and a volunteer on his side—visiting his apartment regularly to assist with cleaning and cooking, and monitor his well-being. With the help of the Vistas program, Mr. Bell has resolved the threat of eviction and now enjoys a better quality of life.

The Vistas program provides a critical source of personal contact for debilitated adults who live in near isolation. Mr. Bell looks forward every week to the visits from his care team. “They’ve contributed quite a lot of companionship to my world,” he says, smiling. “They’ve been an immense help to me.”


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Leigh’s Story | Chemical Dependency Program

Leigh has an easy laugh and a friendly way about her. When you meet her, it’s hard to believe that she recently hit rock bottom after 13 years of drug abuse.

Fortunately, in that dark time Leigh found out that Families First had an Intensive Outpatient Drug Dependency program, with a component for those struggling with prescription drug abuse.

After joining the program, Leigh surprised herself–going 100 days straight without using drugs. Her counselor and fellow group members were proud of her accomplishment, but more importantly, Leigh was proud of herself.  So when she relapsed on day 101, the disappointment and frustration she felt was almost unbearable.

Leigh’s Families First counselor convinced Leigh that there was still hope, that relapse was often a part of the recovery process. Once Leigh opened up in group about her relapse, her attitude shifted. Something about sharing her story with people who truly understood her struggle, strengthened and uplifted her.

“I’m at a point now,” Leigh says, “where there’s no room for failure.  If I want to have a life with my sister and my family, staying sober is the only way.”


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Kaliah’s Story | Family and Individual Counseling

“If it hurts your mom, it hurts you.”

This is how 9-year-old Kaliah explained life under the same roof with her mother’s abusive boyfriend.

Kaliah’s mother came to Families First seeking help through the Alternatives to Domestic Violence program. At the time, Kaliah began meeting regularly with a Families First counselor.

Initially, the soft-spoken girl seemed reluctant to share anything about her life at home. However, as she came to trust her therapist, Kaliah found words to express the difficult feelings she had suffered.

Kaliah’s mother has since ended her abusive relationship. Recently, Kaliah’s therapist asked her what life is like at home these days. Kaliah’s big, brown eyes lit up and sparkled. Her answer was simple—

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Aaron’s Story | Chemical Dependency Program

“Life is a lot simpler, less complicated.”

This is how Aaron, a husband and father, describes life after completing the 16-week Chemical Dependency program at Families First.

Prior to coming to Families First, Aaron’s poor decision-making and abuse of alcohol had led him to receive two DUIs in just two years. Aaron hesitantly entered Families First’s Chemical Dependency therapy group, unconvinced that his drinking was truly a problem.

Those first few weeks of group therapy, Aaron sat back and kept to himself. A turning point came during the third week, when his attitude suddenly shifted. “I remember looking over my group materials at home,” Aaron says, “and just thinking, ‘hmm . . . maybe this will help me.’” Once Aaron became an active participant in group, he started to recognize the damaging effect his drinking was having on his life and his relationships. His group therapist helped him understand the destructive behavior cycles he was continually falling into. Along with his fellow group members, Aaron developed alternative ways to deal with difficult situations.

Today, Aaron feels confident that he has the knowledge and the tools to handle difficulties that arise in his life in a much healthier way.

Aaron’s message to anyone struggling with substance abuse is this: “It’s unbelievable what four months of talking to someone, and listening to other people can do for you.”

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