Since 1835, volunteers have been an integral part of Families First, helping us grow from a small society of “friendly neighbors,” to an organization that serves children and families in six counties across Central Indiana.

Building strong, healthy, capable families requires the support of community members, like you.  Families First’s volunteers – like the individuals, parents and children we serve – come from all backgrounds, professions, and family structures.  However, our goal is the same, to stand up for families and create a positive difference in our community.

And, making that positive difference doesn’t take a lot of time!

Volunteer FAQ

What volunteer opportunities are available at Families First?

Please click here for a list of our current volunteer opportunities.

How do I apply to become a Families First volunteer?   

We have two types of application forms: individual volunteer applications and group volunteer applications.
Please click here to download the appropriate application form.

What happens after I submit my application?

Once your application is received, a Families First staff will contact you to explain the next steps in the application process. Please note that direct-service volunteers (i.e. those who interact directly with our clients and children) must pass an interview and a background investigation before starting with our agency.  Volunteers who interact with children
will be required to register and complete a fingerprint check at a designated facility.

Do I need to complete a background investigation to volunteer with Families First?

All direct-service volunteers must pass a background investigation before serving with Families First.  Indirect-service volunteers do not have to complete a background investigation unless otherwise instructed.  As part of the background investigation process, all volunteer applicants will sign a time commitment form; on the form, they will promise to fulfill the required hours of service for each volunteer position.

Please see the chart below for background investigation requirements and the cost of each item:


Volunteer Position Required Paperwork Background Investigation Items
Safe Hiring Solutions: CPS Fingerprint Check
General and Driver’s License
A Child’s Haven Background Disclosure AuthorizationChild Protective Services Check Required Required Required
Family-Focused Support Group Facilitator Required Required Required
Parent Café Child Care Required Required


What happens once my application is processed and I am accepted as a volunteer?

 Volunteers will attend an agency orientation and position-specific training as necessary.  Please note that all direct-service volunteers will be required to attend both the agency orientation and position-specific training before starting at the agency.

If you have questions about Families First’s volunteer application process or would like more information, please contact Amanda Wyneken at AmandaW@FamiliesFirstIndiana.org or (317) 644-7231.

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