Father Engagement Programs and Services

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection. – Sigmund Freud

Families First’s Father Engagement Program staff work closely with the Department of Child Services (DCS), serving fathers who are referred to us. Fathers who are referred to us include: fathers of children and their families who have an Informal Adjustment (IA) with DCS and/or fathers of children who have a CHINS (Child In Need of Services) or JD/JS status.

We know that being a strong and caring father is not always easy, which is why our staff help fathers:
• understand their involvement in the DCS case plans
• become educated about the DCS process, legal rights, and how to navigate the child welfare system
• increase meaningful contact with their children
• serve as an advocate for fathers who have to appear in court on their child’s behalf
empower fathers to get connected to community resources to strengthen the entire family

Our primary goals for the Father Engagement Program are to increase dad’s role in the DCS case plan, increase contact with his children, and to strengthen his entire family.

Highly Effective Fathers: a Class Series for Dads

This 12-session program is for any dad who wants to gain valuable and practical knowledge in order to become the best father possible for his children. Being a strong and caring father is not an easy role to play, especially if you grew up not knowing your own father, or if your father was abusive or fairly absent in your life. Listening to advice from successful fathers and learning some best practice techniques can give you more confidence in your parenting skills.

  • “I never looked at being a dad as building a relationship with my children.  I just looked at it as my job. . . This class has opened my mind  and my eyes into looking at situations differently.”   (excerpted from client satisfaction survey)
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