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Local Investment Advisory Company invests in clients at Families First

Terence P. Weiss, President & Managing Director of Wallington Asset Management, has always felt strongly about supporting the community.  Accordingly, since the firm’s founding in 1988, Wallington has been passionate and generous in the support of underprivileged children within Marion and surrounding counties. The company partnered with Families First in 2016 to bring smiles to .. read more

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Losing a Friend and an Ally

by Edie Olson, Families First President It is with sadness, that I share the news of Dick Morris’s passing. Dick served as a Director, Dean, and Chair of Families First’s Board of Directors, and was very much involved in the Search Committee that selected me as Families First’s President. Dick was very generous with his .. read more

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Our 2014 Public Policy Advocacy Agenda

To have the greatest positive impact on our community and the clients we serve, Families First advocates for public policy that strengthens and supports central Indiana families. Recently, our Board of Directors adopted four public policy advocacy priorities for 2014 (click here to view those priorities).  Since adopting the advocacy agenda, we have taken the .. read more

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Congratulations to our Board Chair, Mark Winzenread!

A message from Edie Olson, Families First President: One of the things I love about my job is that I work with so many wonderful people who serve on the Families First Board of Directors.  They are wise, generous, and concerned not just about their own families, but all families in our community.  One of .. read more

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Our Elders, Our Duty

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day was recognized on Saturday, June 15th. As an agency that works with many vulnerable seniors in the central Indiana community, we are in a unique position to help raise awareness about this widespread, but grossly underreported form of abuse. A 2010 study in The American Journal of Public Health estimated that .. read more

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Funding Critical for Adult Guardianship Services

by Gail Rothrock, Senior Vice President (This is the full-length version of a letter to the editor Gail sent to the Indianapolis Star.  A shorter version of this letter appeared in the Sunday, April 21st edition of the Star). Imagine a child protection system in which there are no safe harbors such as foster and adoptive families, .. read more

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It’s All About Connectivity

by Mike Wolinsky, Director of Corporate Relations Recently, I received an unexpected phone call at Families First from an individual living in South Florida.   The individual had kept a piece of correspondence that I had sent him while I was interning for the Los Angeles Dodgers nearly 30 years ago.  He somehow identified that .. read more

Meeting Every Child’s Needs with Determination & Compassion

President Edie Olson reflects on a compelling Indy Star article: Scott Elliott’s touching Indy Star article regarding Zechariah Patrick in Sunday’s paper (3/24) is a must-read (link to it here).  Elliott has illuminated the serious challenges related to the education of special needs students such as Zech.   It makes me wonder if these challenged children .. read more

Making Court Appearance Easier for Parents & Children

by Antinia Wright, “A Child’s Haven II” staff member Anyone who has ever gone to court to fight a traffic ticket knows the hassle it can be. Finding parking, getting to the courtroom on time, then backtracking to get to the courtroom where you actually belong. . . it’s not an easy process. The experience .. read more

Remembering Rosie

by Edie Olson, Families First President             Last week, an article appearing in the Indianapolis Star caught my attention. It told of a veteran who connected with two women who sent him a Christmas card 46 years ago, when he was in Vietnam experiencing his first Christmas away from family. He .. read more

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