Losing a Friend and an Ally

by Edie Olson, Families First President

It is with sadness, that I share the news of Dick Morris’s passing. Dick served as a Director, Dean, and Chair of Families First’s Board of Directors, and was very much involved in the Search Committee that selected me as Families First’s President. Dick was very generous with his time, advice, and resources. In my early years on the job, I enjoyed many lunches with Dick where he could always be counted on to share his dry wit and wisdom.

Dick’s love for Families First stemmed from the help he received from our organization years ago. When his children were young and he was at a critical point in his career, his wife became incapacitated and unable to care for their home and family. At the time, Families First had a program in which a homemaker was placed in homes to stabilize the family and care for the children. Dick credited the homemaker who came to his aid as a lifesaver for his family and rewarded her with flowers each year until her death. His deep gratitude also drove Dick to serve Families First faithfully for many years and continue his legacy of support through his estate.

Dick exemplified gratitude and giving back in the way that he lived his life, but he was quick to point out that he got more back by serving his community than he ever gave. The link to Dick’s obituary follows. He will be missed.


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